Fire Chief Approved Staffing Solutions for the Fire Service

Stat Portals Offers Fire Department Staffing built with the Fire Service in mind.

We have spent thousands of hours developing the BEST solution for Staffing in the Fire Service.  Our team with Years of Fire Service Experience at StatPortals is uniquely equipped with the information needed to make a staffing solution that fits ALL Fire Agencies of ALL Sizes. 


Longboat Key Fire Rescue recently switched to StatPortals for a Staffing and Payroll Solution, and here is what Fire Chief Paul B Dezzi had to say about his experience with StatPortals.

For the past year, Longboat Key Fire Rescue (LBKFR) has been working with Rick Wilbert and StatPortals on operational applications.  Rick, being a firefighter / paramedic understands the firefighting profession and has developed several programs to assist in the overall operation of the fire department. Fire Inspections, Preplanning, Training, Hydrants, Scheduling and Payroll are among applications accessible to LBKFR.

Rick and his staff have been receptive to our needs ensuring that we have a product that works for our operation. There have been countless hours in the development of the applications and it has proven successful within LBKFR.

I am proud to say that StatPortals has been the ONLY software company to produce a payroll system for the fire department that functions with our unique work schedule.  On behalf of the members of the Longboat Key Fire Rescue and the Finance Department we thank you for your positive approach to the development of our payroll application.

We look forward to future application developments that will only enhance the operation of LBKFR.

StatPortals is an example of the efforts that are in keeping with the high standards maintained by Longboat Key Fire Rescue.


Paul B Dezzi

Fire Chief, Longboat Key Fire Rescue

StatPortals Staffing Solutions for the Modern Day Fire Service

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